Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Slogger Boots

Because sometimes you just need new boots.
In the past, I have gotten new garden shoes and they were fabulous. They were also Sloggers and they remain the most comfortable things I own. I have been wearing them around the house (after a careful cleaning, of course) because they basically cushion my feet on a pillow of goodness. Surrounded by love. On top of perfection.

But then I was meandering through Target today (as I can only do with the help of the Tot's Fairy Godmother and my BF to help with said Tot wrangling) and I spied these hanging out in the gardening corner.

Yes. They are mainstream. Every second gardener is going to have a pair. Yes. It's industrial flower power courtesy of Chez Target, carefully mass produced for general positive consumption. Grumble, grumble, broo-ha-ha.

But I LOVE them. I do, I do, I do. They were on the shelf and all I could think was "Get. On. My. Feet."

And, they are Sloggers, which means they are SUPER comfy. And, they had my size. AND they are made in the Good Old USA.


And I could rationalize getting them because Target didn't have 3 other things I technically needed to get so I had extra money!

The H bought me boots for Christmas, but they are fleece lined and will be hot and unbearable come summer time to garden in. Plus, how cute will these look with rolled up jeans?!?

Rubber Flower Boot Goodness. Giddyup.


  1. very cute. i wear some old black clunkers with my skirts and people laugh at my and my galoshes. maybe they wouldn't point so much if mine had adorable flowers on them?


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